About Restaurant Gariful

“Gariful” restaurant is situated on the sunniest island of the Croatian coast, at the very waterfront of the town of Hvar, where the most luxurious yachts in the world are aligned next to each other. Thanks to its excellent position, exceptional specialities and a rich wine card, every guest can enjoy the stunning view, great atmosphere and the unique gastronomic pleasures in this restaurant.

A long time ago, in 1981, “Gariful” restaurant first opened its doors wishing to offer its customers something new and different, a unique pleasure combined with the outstanding specialities, always fresh fish and seafood and some of the special, but sometimes also very rare bottles of wine that the wine cellar of this restaurant can be proud of.

This restaurant, with a pretty common name, has a much deeper meaning for its owner. Namely, “Gariful” in the Dalmatian dialect means a carnation, a flower of reconciliation which symbolizes admiration, respect and deep emotions. It represents the family business of its owner, who proudly takes the same nickname as his father before him, since the name remained and imposed itself as a reminder of their first business with flowers.

What makes this restaurant distinctive from the others is the always fresh fish in sufficient quantities. The restaurant owns 7 small fishing boats which set sail with their fishermen every day at dawn, even before the sun appears at the horizon in order to provide the daily catch of fish, as well as the most representative specimens of seafood, even before the opening of the restaurant.

The wine cellar is something that recommends the offer of this restaurant to the real wine lovers and represents the priceless wealth since it contains more than 500 kinds of wine from various locations and regions worldwide, well-known for the tradition of producing this exquisite beverage. It should be emphasized that there are some really rare bottles of wine that are hard to find in Europe, and even in the world since their production is limited, and that is the reason why their prices can be extremely high. It would certainly take long to name all the kinds of wine that can be found in the offer of the restaurant, but some of the most prestigious bottles which “Gariful” restaurant can boast with should be distinguished. On the wine card, besides the Croatian ones, the dominating ones are French and Italian wines, mostly from the widely-known region of Tuscany. Also, very rare and luxurious bottles of wine such as Chateau Petrus and Chateau Margaux from Bordeaux, France, are also present and they are equally appreciated wines among the sincere lovers of this beverage.

Also, we must not forget the extraordinary offer of the popular beverage champagne which is usually drunk on special occasions, and we can rightfully say that it will make your dinner special and enrich it with a certain dose of glamour and luxury in a glass of sparkling wine. As one of our most luxurious bottles the one that stands out is the champagne from France, the prestigious Krug Clos’Ambonnay 1998, which is in the top 3 on all the world’s lists. However, the two most expensive champagnes that are included in this exquisite wine collection, and that can rarely be found in the offer of even some of the world-famous restaurants, are “Magnum”, a 3-litre bottle of ‘”Dom Perignon White Gold” 1995, the packaging of which is mounted in white gold and it really represents a great value for its owner, as well as the rare “Magnum” 6-litre bottle of champagne ‘”Dom Perignon Rose Gold” 1996 for the consumption of which a small fortune must be spent.

“Gariful” restaurant, together with its management, following its business philosophy, has set its mission that has to be fulfilled, and that is the best service for its guest, as well as the unique feeling during your visit. That is why they managed, with a lot of passion, love and effort as well, to raise the reputation of their restaurant on one of the highest level and to position it high on the ladder, shoulder to shoulder with a lot of world-famous restaurants.

Every detail which is meticulously woven into the interior and exterior of the restaurant, and also in its gastronomic offer, invites each guest to feel the charms of the Mediterranean cuisine and to enjoy their meal with the sea view from the terrace or in the relaxing sight of various kinds of fish, lobsters, even sharks that swim freely in the aquarium that is placed in the floor of the restaurant, which represents a unique attraction.

It can be freely said that “Gariful” restaurant has already achieved a cult status and has become a must-visit destination on the map of numerous famous people from the world of sport, art and business who wish to taste some of the island’s specialities such as fish from gradele (a special kind of grill), shrimp soup, squids or “drunk” lobster.

However, especially due to its status of an elite restaurant that it has gained through time, it is almost impossible to enjoy the charms of this restaurant without making a reservation, so it is always advisable to make a booking in advance and to confirm the reservation, which, of course, does not prevent many famous people to come and convince themselves of the quality of food prepared by the best chefs. Among the most famous guests who visited “Gariful” restaurant are certainly Prince Harry, fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Vladimir Klitschko, actresses Demi Moore and Eva LaRue, businessman Roman Abramovich and many others…

We certainly want to mention the last 2020 season, which in itself was challenging, but that did not stop celebrities from coming and enjoying our specialties. Some of the celebrities who have visited us are the most charismatic basketball player and the best playmaker of all time – Earvin “Magic” Johnson, British rock and pop singer Rod Stewart, popular Brazilian singer Anitta, James Maddison, Dani Olmo, Croatian national football team member Domagoj Vida, and Emmy Award-Winning American actress and model Eva LaRue and others.

What really inspires “Gariful” restaurant to move on in the same, or even better direction and to meet its guests’ needs and wishes with the same passion is a smile, satisfaction and a strong handshake after the visit, because it is when the well-coordinated team of professional chefs, waitresses and the management members of this restaurant are sure they have done the right job.