August 15, 2022

As summer days are getting further, our restaurant is shining more and more. Is it ’cause of us or shining stars we are used to coming? Obviously, one is a product of the other so the scenario is quite clear.

Yesterday evening we glowed at a completely another level. How come? Well, we were visited by a magician; a fashion one. If you needed to guess who we are talking about, we are sure this one would be in your top 3. Ladies and gentlemen, we were lucky to receive one and only, Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger, formerly known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc., is an American premium clothing company founded in 1985 and today is sold in department stores and over 1400 free-standing retail stores in 90 countries. Tommy came when shine went down but made us feel like it was still up! He settled with his lovely wife at our terrace, first line to the sea, and from the expression on his face, you could tell he was heavenly-like. He was very pleasant and from the first moment, he made nice contact with our staff who were at his service all time he was there. He accepted the offer of our waiters and enjoyed in great fish platter combined with the best quality fish you can find in this area; all accompanied by wine. The atmosphere was totally on a level and we are sure will see him sometime soon. Maybe he will design us clothes in Tommy-Gariful style! Just kidding.  Tommy, it was our pleasure. Till next time.

hilfinger in restaurant gariful