Raúl González visited Gariful

July 2, 2023

Last night another famous football face stepped into Gariful’s gastronomic empire. Raúl González, one of the greatest Spanish footballers and legend of Real Madrid, chose to dine in our restaurant.

Raúl enjoyed our superb seafood specialties in the company of his closest family. He was so delighted by the food that he wanted to meet our head chef Toni Vučetić, who prepared all the specialties. For an even more complete dinner experience, the guests enjoyed the beautiful voice of our resident singer and the fire dance performance. We are truly honored that such a football legend has recognized our work and effort.

It’s no secret that our restaurant is a must-stop on the itinerary for most celebrities when they visit Hvar. So, we can’t wait to see which guests will visit us this season.

Gariful Team.