August 15, 2022

As the summer season has begun in our restaurant a few months ago, we are trying to justify the trust of all of our permanent visitors and to make the holiday unforgettable for those new ones who are staying at our restaurant for the first time. We strive to bring the service – day to day to a higher level, and our goal is for our efforts to be recognized by regular and curious guests-hedonists who like to enjoy the ultimate service of one of the most elite restaurants on the Croatian coast, quality food and a glass of good wine from our wine cellar.

As proof that our exquisite team in the season is doing a great job, a visit by a US musician – singer, songwriter, composer, and actor –has taken place tonight. He is the leader of the rock band “Bon Jovi”, and his name is John Bon Jovi.

John Bon Jovi is not the first time on the Croatian coast. In 2011, he spent some time in Dubrovnik. He came to our restaurant with his brother, his spouse, two children, and a son of one of his friends as well as with his producer, and they spent the evening in a pleasant ambiance in a great mood. He has used our boat to and from the restaurant, as well as our concierge service for any other amenities he required in Hvar. The staff of the “Gariful” restaurant has greatly contributed to the smiles being on the faces of our distinguished guests, throughout the entire evening. The Croatian coast is known as an attractive destination for the holiday of famous world stars, and our audience in 2011 had the opportunity to listen to this great performer at the stadium “Maksimir” in Zagreb.

We hope that we will have the honor and pleasure of once again listening to John Bon Jovi on the music scene in Croatia in the upcoming period.

We hope that this evening has awakened the feeling in our guests, of good socializing and that this feeling will bring them back to our island!

Come again!

jon bon jovi