August 15, 2022

The previous day, we were pleasantly surprised by Mr. Dejan Lovren, a Croatian footballer who is currently playing for Liverpool as well as for the Croatian football team, who has been one of our exceptionally welcome guests and has been visiting for many years back.

He enjoyed his day with his family, his spouse, and children as well as close friends, over a light summer meal, while drinking red wines from the vineyards on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar. A pleasant Mediterranean climate, friendly staff, and an atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent,  bringing our guests back to us repetitively. It is extraordinary respect and great pleasure that we have the opportunity to host such significant personalities at our restaurant “Gariful”, who are at our great appreciation and sincere pleasure regular guests on an annual basis.

In addition to Mr. Lovren, our gratitude is also conveyed to Mr. Samir Handanovic, a football player from Slovenia, who is a goalkeeper and currently plays for Italian “Inter”, as well as to  Mr. Tin Jedvaj, a Croatian footballer who began his professional career in 2013 in “Dinamo and has won the trophy of the First League of Croatia. At the end of the first professional season, Mr. Jedvaj transferred to Roma, and in 2014 he signed the contract and now plays for “Bayer Leverkusen” in Germany. 
We want to express our great gratitude for the fact that their personal presence gives our restaurant great significance. In their honor and as a tribute to these amazing Gentlemen, we have personalized napkins with their names, so that they may feel exceptionally welcome during their stay.
Their stay on our premises is another confirmation of quality and is the result of long-lasting work, effort, and dedication that we have invested with love.

Once again – many thanks !!! 

Visit us again soon, and we shall make every effort for you to feel at home every time.