August 15, 2022

At the recently finished Football World Cup, the national team of Croatia achieved historical success. They surpassed the most successful generation of ‘98 for one step up and reached the very end of the road by winning second place in the world.

Even though the players of this team were not decorated with the shiniest medal, they deserved all the support and praises from all over the world thanks to their spirited play, their heart on the pitch, and also by their incredible efforts.

While the euphoria is still governing the whole country and the celebrations are held all over to mark the most important success of the Croatian team sport, we were honored to host one member of this extraordinary generation, Dejan Lovren, a defender of the national team and of a well-known Premier League team, Liverpool, with which he played in the final of the Champions League this year.

Together with highly-devoted Vida, he was the column of the defense of the national team, and the unbreakable barrier even for the most successful strikers like Messi, and thus provided additional confidence for his co-players.

After a very exhausting and long season for him, crowned by a great success of the national team and his own childhood dream come true, it was high time he started enjoying his holiday on the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, as well as on the sunniest island in the Adriatic, the island of Hvar.

It was the third time that this player, one of the most attractive Croatian sportsmen and the favorite player of female fans, visited Gariful restaurant, where he is now considered a regular guest and where he enjoys the privileges and attention he certainly deserves.

He came to the restaurant with friends, wife, and kids, they ordered some of the best specialties on the island, and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea from the restaurant’s upper terrace.

It was our great honor to host one of the true heroes of the nation and to have the opportunity to greet him in our restaurant, shake his hand firmly, and pat him on the back for all the merits he deserved on the pitch.

dejan lovren