August 15, 2022

There are several situations in life that make you question your achievements, accomplishments, or any word you find appropriate to describe everything you’ve worked for. You give one hundred percent of yourself and hope for the best. When you are a restaurant to be, especially a high-category one, these situations are on daily basis. One of them happened a few days ago when we were honored to host American singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, and actor Jon Bon Jovi. Hope you were reading about this memorable visit to our blog. If not, let us remind you. He was enjoying in Gariful accompanied by his brother, his spouse, two children, and his producer. The evening went in a great mood; he could rely on Gariful’s stuff for everything he wished for. 
But if you think that the past belongs to the past, you are as wrong as you can be. Just yesterday at Gariful’s door came a present! And it’s not even Christmas! Jon Bon Jovi himself has sent us a signed guitar as a thank you for making your visit to Hvar even more memorable.
We appreciate this gesture on a non-descriable level and hope we will repeat it in near future. And now, let us try to play!

P.S. keep your ears safe!

bon jovi in gariful